JOB TITLE:                            Bar Back

REPORTS TO:                      Manager / Supervisor


Barbacks are responsible for supporting bartenders. A typical sample resume for Barback describes tasks such as maintaining stocks, changing kegs, collecting empty glasses, maintaining a clean bar area, ensuring there is plenty of clean glassware, and re-stocking ice.

General Duty and Responsibilities:

  1. Keep the bar always stocked.
  2. Cut garnishes.
  3. Juice citrus.
  4. Fill olive and lemon trays.
  5. Refill ice wells.
  6. Restock liquor bottles.
  7. Maintain cleanliness of liquor dispensers.
  8. Change out beer kegs.
  9. Replenish napkins, toothpicks, ashtrays, peanuts, and other counter items.
  • Maintain clean rags in each bartender’s station.


  1. Clean counters.
  2. Clean furniture.
  3. Clean glasses and dishes.
  4. Run food and clear plates.
  5. Clean drink spills and sweep broken glassware.
  6. Take out the trash or recycling throughout the shift.
  7. Collect empty glasses from the bar.
  8. Repair sink clogs.
  9. Mop behind the bar.
  • Clean no-slip mats behind the bar.



Opening and Closing Shifts

  1. Restock for next shift, including juicing citrus for bar use the next night.
  2. Put away the liquor and beer deliveries.
  3. Track opening or closing liquor inventory.
  4. Set up and tear down the bar at each shift, opening & closing.



  1. Assist the bartender with anything that he or she needs.
  2. Relay key information to security – line is forming outside, someone brought in their own liquor, someone underage.
  3. Help out with punching orders into the POS system if needed.

Barback Duties Before Opening

  1. Organizing and shelving beer and liquor deliveries
  2. Prepping juices and mixes.
  3. Stocking glasses, coasters, napkins, and straws.
  4. Preparing garnishes.

Barback Duties During Hours of Operation

  1. Hanging bar glasses.
  2. Monitoring stations and restocking napkins, coasters, and straws.
  3. Replacing kegs and retrieving bottles from the walk-in cooler.
  4. Washing and restocking glassware and mixing tools.
  5. Cleaning spills at the bar and customers’ tables.
  6. Removing trash, used glasses, and wiping down tables for new customers.
  7. Assisting the bartender with other tasks as needed.


Barback Duties After Closing

  1. Emptying trash and/or recycling bins.
  2. Cleaning used glasses.
  3. Restocking bottles.
  4. Wiping down bar and tabletops.
  5. Washing shakers, blenders, and other prep equipment.