JOB TITLE:    Laundry Attendant

REPORTS TO: Housekeeping Manager/

                        Housekeeping Supervisor                                            


Laundry attendant’s duties include washing, drying and folding clothes and linens.


Duties and Responsibilities

Main priorities are cleaning and returning laundry to customers, hotel guests and working in the laundry facilities. Must be able to follow instructions, General responsibilities of a person in this position may include:


  1. Sorting Laundry

A laundry attendant must first sort the laundry by items – terry, linen & pillowcases etc.  Finally, laundry attendants must be aware of any special washing instructions.


  1. Stain Treatment

A laundry attendant must determine the best stain solution for washing stained linen.  Stain treatment can involve pre-soaking, applying bleaching solutions, as well as spot treatment.


  1. Operate and Maintain Machines

Loading and unloading laundry into and out of washing machines and dryers is another task of the laundry attendant. They must be able to set the time specifications for each load, treatment, and fabric by turning valves or levers. They must load the proper amount and use the correct card for the type of linen. These individuals must be able to clean the machines and filters.


Keep Track of Laundry

Those working in a hotel or resort must keep track of laundry to make sure the right items are returned to their original owners.



  1. Must be able to lift, push up to 50 lbs. Must be able to bend, stand for extended period. Some experience in laundry is beneficial.