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Case Study

Porsche Design Tower


When the Porsche Design Tower opened in Sunny Isle, Florida, in 2017, they had a very specific need for staffing. The 120-unit property was a haven for celebrities and billionaire residents, with each unit priced at $12 million upon opening. To appeal to the elite crowd and the real estate market, the Porsche Design Tower team had to create the right image while quickly staffing the event.


1st SOS Staffing was brought on to help with this highly customized launch party request and find employees that matched a specific image. With a quick turnaround and pressure from Porsche Design Tower, we tapped into our extensive network and rapidly recruited 100 staffing employees for both forward-facing and back-of-house roles. This far exceeded the client’s expectations. Our staffing model and ability to micro-target allowed us to work with a unique vetting criteria to find employees that helped our client’s business thrive.

Our ability to understand the client’s specific needs and fulfill their requests rapidly has led to a successful ongoing relationship.