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Partnership Study: Creating the Extraordinary with Wyndham Destinations

We asked for the challenge.

When we began servicing Wyndham Destinations’ nationwide properties in 2022, we requested to be assigned to their most challenging markets, where it was most difficult to find personnel.

Our relationship with Wyndham Destinations stretches back to 2015. We started servicing one of their four resort properties in South Florida and soon became the prime vendor for all their properties in the area. A major driver of our reputation and track record was our culture: we provide extraordinary staffing solutions because we treat every team member with dignity and respect.

Wyndham Destinations emphasized that “it was invaluable to deal with another vendor that extends the regard that we have for our own internal teams,” Peter Mendez, our president and founder, says. “A significant portion of their decision to go with us was the culture that we had and the investment in our colleagues and teams.”

As we expanded nationally, we sought to prove our commitment to Wyndham Destinations’ goals, growth, and culture. And that started on the East Coast.


The Challenge

Wyndham Destinations is the largest timeshare organization in the world, but in certain markets, timeshares elbowed a bustling hotel scene and the competition it posed for attracting employees.

Unlike hotels, the timeshare market only has one checkout day and one midweek service. It’s difficult to extend full-time employment to individuals, and nearby hotel properties can offer more continuous work.

Like most resorts and vacation destinations, Wyndham Destinations faced a familiar problem every year: occupancy dramatically spikes between May and August 31 (or Labor Day). In the past, this was a time of resources stretched thin and managers requesting help as they grappled with a lack of employees.

The Solution

Our partnership began with a portable staffing solution, which we can deploy throughout the continental United States and recruit 300 prospective employees within a short period of time. We offer free training to all employees to ensure they have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to start their first day.

Through the 1st SOS Staffing model we solicited multiple industries in the area. We could subsidize time for 1st SOS Staffing employees with additional time in other companies while adequately staffing Wyndham’s property. Wyndham could usher guests into a relaxing getaway, and employees received the support and hours they needed.

“We could ensure full-time employment for them and meet the requirements that Wyndham had,” Peter says.

But we’re not just a staffing agency: we’re partners and a go-to resource. As we tackled Wyndham Destination’s more challenging markets, we operated with their specific success metrics in mind. Primary concerns differ between timeshares and hotels: we found not just the right people but provided them with the necessary training to meet the client’s values and needs.

“We brought in what we learned from multiple other industries to make the adjustment that our client needed in that regard,” Peter said. “That, combined with our culture, distinguished us. That’s helped Wyndham Destinations and Travel + Leisure feel as though they have a colleague to work with, rather than just an outsourced vendor.”

Culture Drives Business

Being able to staff quickly in new areas is a minor part of the equation. Our approach to staffing is deeply grounded in respect for each individual and their specific circumstances. Companies come to us with staffing needs; prospective employees come to us with personal needs. We can’t expect people to perform at their highest if we only address one aspect of their life.

“Staffing is not simply bringing in the ability to recruit, vet, or train staff,” Peter says. “It’s all of the resources that will support that staff.”

Barriers to successful employment are much more systemic than just finding a job: through the 1st SOS Institute, we offer resources to housing, transportation, legal, and daycare support, among many other forms of assistance, to ensure stability for our employees and improve their outcomes.

This humanistic aspect of staffing is crucial for employers as well, helping boost retention rates and build loyal, talented teams.

“You need to realize that you’re dealing with a human being who has multi-faceted needs,” Peter says. “We become that resource that meets at least a few of those needs outside of just straightforward employment.”

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