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Case Study

Wyndham Destinations


Wyndham Destinations is one of the largest timeshare organizations in the world, but in certain markets, it has to compete with local hotels to attract qualified employees. Unlike hotels, time-share properties cannot always offer as many hours as employees may want or may be located in places that are not affordable for employees to live. With the busy summer season approaching, Wyndham Destinations needed a partner that could ensure it had the appropriate staffing resources.


We already had a relationship with Wyndham Destinations in Florida, and they brought us on in other markets due to our portable staffing solution and model. We’re able to deploy an office anywhere throughout the continental United States and recruit 300 prospective employees within a short time. In areas where employees struggled to find affordable housing, we secured housing and transportation. We solicited multiple industries in the target locations so we could subsidize employees’ time and offer them full-time employment while providing Wyndham with the support they needed as occupancy numbers began spiking.

Our partnership with Wyndham Destinations has continued to grow due to our compassionate approach to staffing and our investment in each individual’s growth and success.

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